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A rare example of the French copying the English!
On January 10, 2020
by Will Robertson
Charles Nicolas Bazin
1847 - 1915
Charles Nicolas Bazin lived his life in Mirecourt. The son of bow-maker, François-Xavior Bazin, C.N. grew up learning about the trade from a young age, before opening his own workshop in 1869.
This workshop became renowned as one of the most industrious with an estimated output of between two and three thousand bows a year from his team of around fifteen bowmakers. As well as producing his own bows, Bazin also taught much of the younger generation - with students including his son, Louis, and the well renowned Fétique brothers, Jules and Victor.

Bows forming a resuscitation of the manner of Tourte - W. Henley

As with many bowmakers, the Bazin workshop offered many different models of bow. There are of course some which were of their own design (Bazin drawing mainly on his inspiration from Voirin) but also a selection of models based on the “old masters”, including amongst others Pajeot, Lupot and Tourte. This was the case for many years, but interestingly around the turn of the century there was a section introduced to the catalogue titled “English model bows - copied from the most beautiful” under which he listed Tubbs and Dodd models. In a romantic speculation, we imagine a travelling musician from England meeting Bazin in Mirecourt, and Bazin being so taken by the workmanship of their bows that he felt compelled to make copies of them and add them to his price list.

The nickel and ebony mounted bow pictured is one of Bazin’s James Tubbs copies from around this time. Its head features very characterful pernambuco and a beautiful plain frog is always a win with us aesthetically! As always, if you’d be interested in trying this bow or any more of our stock, be sure to drop us a line! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀