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Stradivari's influence in Paris, in the early 18th Century.
On November 04, 2019
by Raphael Hurwitz
Jean Francois Aldric
Recognisable in particular for his striking, thick, red varnish, and his particularly fine workmanship, Aldric is renowned by many as not only a great violin maker, but also a superb artist.
Having established himself at the young age of 23 in Rue de Arcis, Paris, J.F. Aldric is now regarded as one of the great French makers. Typically following the patterns of Stradivarius, he drew on the experience of his compatriots, Lupot in particular, for inspiration, making slight adjustments to the Italian model. These include a little bolder arching, and slightly wider set f-holes.

These instruments, of which character is allied to a technical mastery, will occupy a front place in the honoured list of French makers to be recorded in the future history of the art. - W. Henley

This violin (c.1815) follows many of the above traits - a very fine example of his craftsmanship which is in excellent condition, with the exception of a historic surface-level sound-post crack in the back, restored expertly with a small patch. The varnish is his norm and has faded beautifully with the usual player-wear.

Of note, is the scroll - a little larger than the Stradivarius model, and the extremely prettily cut f-holes, with sharp angles on the inside and fabulously smooth curves on the outside.