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London Auctions 2019 - A good time to get nerdy!
On October 28, 2019
by Raph Hurwitz
When your buddies are in town, there's only one thing to do. Get nerdy over bows!!
The October sales were interesting this year with less quality than usual, although there were a few good things and one or two excellent examples. Digging through boxes and boxes of bows led to a few very clean, good playing bows, but sadly I was outbid on all of them except one.
A very substantial part of my job is helping musicians purchase good solid investments at the right price, in the right condition. When you're buying from auction, you need a keen eye, which explains why out of approximately 750 lots, I only purchased one for my clients in London.

Get in touch if you'd like to purchase a beautiful french bow!

Really looking forward to seeing my hilarious colleagues in Vichy later in the year!