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A very fine bow from a very fine luthier
On September 30, 2019
by Will Robertson
François Lupot II
1774 – 1838 View this Item
Brother of Nicolas Lupot, "The French Stradivarius", François (II) was born in Orleans in 1774 and began working in Paris aged 23.
As well as producing some very fine bows which generally follow the Tourte model (and some not so fine ones...), he was also an innovator and invented the 'coulisse' - the metal underslide which helps the frog move more easily along the stick and reduces damage to the ebony on the frog. The coulisse caught on quickly and is now used almost unanimously by bow makers worldwide.

His bows have inherited all the vivacity, strength and elasticity of genius - W. Henley

This silver and ebony mounted violin bow with a beautifully soft-edged octagonal stick, which comes with a certificate from Raffin, has a head which is very typical of Lupot - definitely from the Tourte period. The frog is quite shallow and this highlights the already noticeably big eye. The ferrule is also remarkably small, making the frog look very neat and tidy from an aesthetic standpoint.

This is a prime example of the work of Francois Lupot II, and is in very good condition.

As always, this bow is available for trial. DM us or give us a call if you'd like to try it for yourself!