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A beautiful Gold/Ebony mounted example from Otto Hoyer
On July 24, 2019
by Will Robertson
Otto Hoyer Pariser
1889–1966 View this Item
Born in Markneukirchen 1891, Hoyer had an apprenticeship in his father's workshop for a period before moving to Paris where he worked with Eugene Sartory. In 1925 he moved back to his hometown and established himself independently - gaining the nickname 'The Parisien' from his own countrymen. This goes someway to explaining his label on this bow: "Otto A. Hoyer, Pariser".
Stength and elasticity, happily combined - Henley

This gold and tortoiseshell mounted violin bow shows off great pernambuco, has a glossy appearance and a lustre rather like fine gold, and a softness that is countered by the strength in the stick. This balance is the black magic in bow making and something that all makers strive for.

Perhaps Hoyer didn't achieve work comparable to Tourte or other great French masters, but he definitely knew how to work pernambuco into a beautiful bold creation. The chamfers and flatness of the side of the head really complement each other in this very unique head design.

As you can see, his work is photogenic from every angle!