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A truly remarkable bow from a maker whose output was mostly instruments!?
On July 18, 2019
by Will Robertson
Jean Pico
1880-1945 View this Item
Jean Pico was an Algerian luthier who studied in Mirecourt before establishing himself in Algiers in 1921.
Aside from that, he appears to be quite an enigma in the violin-making world as there is very little information available about him other than that he had a sizeable large output of instruments, making upwards of a hundred violins, as well as several violas, cellos, and bows.

Does anybody know some more about him or own anything that he made? The head is reminiscent of the Voirin school, but I have not come across any other bows by this maker, although he is listed in L'archet, and L'archets Francais (Millant and Vatelot) sadly with no photographs.

Claimed to transform any violin suffering from weak tone into one with full tonal sonority - Henley, on Pico's 'Secret' varnish.

The photographed silver and ebony mounted cello bow's original frog was slightly too shallow to be comfortable for the modern cellist, and so the bow's previous owner had a new, deeper, frog made for it. We still have the original and you can see just how pronounced the difference between the two is - the original more the size you'd expect of a viola bow.

From a player's perspective, it plays extremely well considering that it's from a maker of whom so little is known. It feels well balanced in the hand, is incredibly versatile in the tones it can achieve and the sound is consistent throughout.

As always, this bow is available for trial. DM us or give us a call if you'd like to try it for yourself!